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A picture of Mustang Sally, my dog and friend.

Many years ago, I realized that I loved to see electronic, high-tech gizmos and that I would be personally involved in creating these devices when I grew up. Well, I grew up and I am still fascinated by the same type of stuff. Now I have computers and software at my disposal, which I didn't have as a kid... read more

Autocad VBA and VB.NET

I have been using Autocad, oh, since release 2.2, around 1984 I think.  It has come a long way since that time, but for the type of electronic circuitry that I make in my hobby lab, it could still be 1984.  However, I use Autocad 2010 at work and there are many changes and add-ons to the one that I started with.  The use of VBA for the macros and most recently in 2010, the introduction of Objectarx for VB.NET and/or C#.  See my blog, here for more info.

Electronic Calculations

 I am trying something new here. I have written a web application that will allow you to calculate some common electronic calculations, using my form. Just enter the required data and the calculate button will do the rest. Let me know what you think. Click on the Contact link above to send me an more

My New Web Pages

I finally took some time and modernized my old pages with some new HTML pages that, hopefully have a better appeal and will allow me to do maintenance much easier so that I can update my articles in a more timely manner.  Let me know if you like them.  Send me an email.  I hope that now I will be able to post more often.

From My Blog - Cloning A Form

Many beginner coders and experienced coders alike are interested in easy ways to duplicate, or cloning code so that it doesn't have to be written over and over again in the project.  The code below can be used just for that.

Add this to the general declarations area above all of your procedures.  This is the simple declaration for the form variable.

Private frmObj As Form

Add this to a button on your original form, or to the double click method or just be inventive.  Make sure you substitute your original form name for the Form1 reference. more

A jpeg image of an old map. A jpeg image of a spinning globe. An image of a math book and a globe. An image of a telescope on an old map. An image of a telescope on an old map. An image of a compass on an old map. An image of the nile shown on an old map. An image of San Francisco shown on an old map.

Some Useful Links

The links below have been useful to me in learning VB.NET.  Also there a few that are just generally useful.

A logo of Ardent Realty Group.

A picture of a young girl using an abacus.

A picture of a keypad key that says Help!