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This is the place to find my attempts at VBA/Autocad tutorials.  I will update with new tutorials as time permits.  VB.NET is my current priority, but if you don't see a particular subject matter here that you are looking for, email me and I will try to get a page up with a tutorial for your subject. 

If you are using Autocad 2010 then you should have downloaded and installed the VBA updater from Autodesk.  Tthese pages assume that you are a beginner at VBA, but not necessarily Autocad.  I will take very short concepts, but I can explain these concepts as if the listener knows very little about VBA.

However, the process will eventually get into more and more complex subjects because I will assume that the reader has viewed and understands all previous tutorials.  Ont hat note, due to the similarities with VBA, I urge all beginners to look at my VB6 tutorials as well.  The line by line programming is practically the same, with the exception of direct Autocad exclusive calls.
















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