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This is the place to find my attempts at VB.NET tutorials.  For all of us VB6er's, it's time to step up to VB.NET! 

For any VB6er out there that is interested, VB.NET is very different than VB6.  But, don't be afraid, you had to start learning VB6 once and that was difficult as well.  There are so many differences, I will not even attempt to start discussing them.  Just be aware that things are not the same.  Much of the syntax for the basic statements are the same (all the way back to GWBASIC!). The up side is that, now, object oriented programming is much better to build an extensible application and VB.NET is the platform.  The Microsoft mentality is to make C# and VB have the same functionality as time goes forward.  After I (re)learn VB, I intend to learn C# as well.  I will then add those tutorials here on my site.

Also, if your excuse is that you don't have access to VB.NET, here is a link to Visual Basic.NET 2008 Express Edition, you can download it for free.  Express is not the full version of VB.NET, but it is very rich and most applications can be done in Express.  I am not going into the limitations except to say that SQL is not included.  I use Visual Studio 2008, but I will try to make sure that most of the material can be used in Express.

I will update with new tutorials as time permits.  VB.NET is my priority, so if you don't see a particular subject matter here that you are looking for, email me and I will try to get a page up with a tutorial for your subject.



















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