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Little Beeps

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Many years ago, I realized that I loved to see electronic, high-tech gizmos and that I would be personally involved in creating these devices when I grew up. Well, I grew up and I am still fascinated by the same type of stuff. Now I have computers and software at my disposal, which I didn't have as a kid. My list of devices of interest have grown considerably, as well. However, what I have learned over the years about technical devices was not attributed to my formal education, but by actual hands on experience. Oh yes, I did learn many things in college, that's a given, but the true nature of the physics can only be experienced. Granted that one must have a certain mentality, and also a method for putting together the facts as we see them.

The important point is that the act of experimenting and research and actually putting together your projects teaches you more than just learning theories. Understanding comes from touching and burning up circuits, accidentally and from mistakes, soldering and wiring together prototypes. Hands-on projects are not only a learning experience, but are also good stress therapy. Happiness is seeing that first electronic circuit doing exactly what you predicted.

I hope some of the stories here will help you with a project or is simply entertaining to you. Enjoy!



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