Mustang Sally      

This is the story of Mustang Sally, and how we came to be together.  I want to empnasize that we came together and I don't really own her, because I think of her as my very good friend.  I know that sounds like some kind of dribble from someone very sentimental, but.... I guess that is me!

My son has a dog; My daughter has a dog; My brother had a dog when I met Sally.  My son often traveled out of town for his job, and I voluntered to keep his little buddy, Darth Vader. Vader  Darth Vader is a Scottish doggy and, actually his breed is the forefather for other breeds like Scottish Terriers and West Highland Terriers.   Vader is a Cairn Terrier.  The Wizard of Oz's 'Toto' was a Cairn Terrier.  Anyway, to get back to my story, I often kept Vader, sometimes up to a week.  We became good buddies and we would do all kinds of things together, like walking, playing tug - o - war with his toys and, on Sundays, he would ride with me in my pickup truck to get some coffee and a donut or Apple Fritter at the donut shop.  He enjoyed sticking his nose out of the window as we drove along.  After keeping Vader for a few times, I started thinking that maybe I would like to have a doggie companion on a more permanent basis.  So, I decided one day to go to PetSmart and have a look around at the doggie day care (they have a big glass wall that allows people to view all of the dogs that they are keeping for owners and some of them are getting trained).  I kept looking around at different breeds and, one day, when I was walking with Vader, we met this lady that had a little fawn colored dog (although the poor doggy was way overfed) and she said that she bought her from a breeder and that her name was Madison. I asked the lady what breed the little dog was and she told me that Madison was a Puggle, which is a cross breed of a male Pug and a female Beagle. I thought that she was a very sweet dog and she liked to be sociable with Vader.  Vader liked her, too.  I didn't give it much thought and then another time I went to PetSmart, CAP (Citizens for Animal Protection) had setup an area in the back of the store and was adopting out dogs. I walked over to see what kind of dogs were available, and they only had a couple of puppies.  After having been with Vader a few times and seeing how smart and what a good buddy he was, I really wanted to get a Cairn or Cairn mix.  So, I asked the lady from CAP if this was all the dogs that they had.  She told me no, there were more at the main office and they had setup in other stores in several areas across the Houston area.  Then I asked her if she knew if they had any Cairn Terriers. She said that, yes, as a matter of fact, they did have a Cairn mix, but he was back at the main facility on I10, near Dairy Ashford.  She told me that the reason that he was there, however was because he had developed a kennel cough and they were treating him for it.  I gave her my name and telephone number and asked her to pass it on so that they could call me when he was better, then I would go meet him.  Time marched on for about a week and half, and meanwhile, my brother passed away.  I was feeling very down, and very melancholy, so I asked my son to come and pick me up and drive me to the family gathering, which was 90 miles away(I really wasn't feeling up to driving).  About the time he came by to pick me up, about ten minutes after he arrived, my phone rang.  It was CAP calling to let me know that the Cairn mix was well and I could come to meet him.  I told him it wasn't really a good time, and he then told me that the Cairn would be sent out for adoption that day.  I told my son and he offered to drive me over to their office.  I met the little guy and we took a little walk outside. Unfortunately, he was much older than they had suggested and he didn't really seem to have much going for him in the way of socialization.  I took him back inside, let them take him back.  I decided, at my son's suggestion, to take a look at all of the other pets that they had there for adoption.  I walked around the rogue's gallery looking at each one of them.  They all seemed to give me the impression of little orphans and at the same time jailbirds.  However, when I walked by Sally's little kennel, she just looked at me and kind of whined and barked a little.  I recognixed her as a Puggle, just like Madison, and I decided to take her for a walk, and as soon as we went outside,she just started going everywhere and sniffing and was so lively, that I knew we would get along very well. Even with the situation with my brother, I stayed there and let them go through their vetting process to ensure that I would be a good candidate for keeping her.


On the way back to the apartment, I was trying to think of a name for her and my son suggested Mustang Sally.  It is a song that has some sentimental meaning to me,(another long story), so I thought it was a perfect name for her. After we got back to the apartment, I was concerned that she wouldn't like me or she would tear things up, but I left her there as my son and I went to the wake for my brother.  When we returned later that evening, Sally hadn't done anything bad to my place and didn't hurt herself, so I was a happy guy.  Later, when I would take her for walks at the apartment complex, occasionally we would run into the lady and Madison, except for the fact that Madison was so overweight, they could have been sisters.


Sally and I have been together for over a year now and we have our routines.  We have since moved to another area and  I have purchased a house with a back yard (for Sally to play in).  My son has since left the company that he had to travel so much for, but, occasionally brings Darth Vader over for a visit.  Sally tries to bully him into playing with her until finally, he gives in and they run all over my house and playfight and wrestle and play with their toys.  I am always greeted at the door by Sally and she is always very glad to see me come home after work, and I am glad to see her too.